Complete Window Products and Accessories in Red Deer

When you’re looking for a wide range of window products and accessories, make Stylecraft in Red Deer your first stop. Whether you want need some fun curtains for your home or new blinds for your business, you’ll find that and more at our store. Feel free to search through our list of residential window products and commercial window products, and contact our team to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Cellular shades are very versatile and particularly practical with a style impact for all homes and offices.

Significant insulating properties will help keep rooms cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Room darkening properties range through four opacity choices, three cell sizes, and a comprehensive range of fabrics and colours.

These shades offer state-of-the-art energy efficiency, reducing energy loss up to 50%.

Three incorporated air pockets provide an efficient barrier to heat loss. With crisp consistent pleats in a variety of luminous colours, these shades can be a great choice for Alberta winters.

Wood blinds can transform an office into something extraordinary.

There are multiple choices of woods available with a variety of finishes and treatments, or ask us about custom staining to match your trim colour.

Faux wood and composite blinds are ideal for high humidity rooms and are built for durability.

Although more affordable than real wood, they do offer the same natural appearance and are available in an assortment of stains and paints to complement your office space.

The timeless nature of wood shutters creates a unique ambiance within.

They are crafted from hardwood and available in an extensive selection of options. The lasting impressions you create can range from timeless to contemporary. Ask us about custom staining to match your trim colour.

These extraordinary natural shades are crafted from renewable resources including bamboo, jute, and various grasses.

Graber Tradewinds Natural Shades are a dramatic opportunity to grace your home with earthly touches ranging from the rustic to the most elegant.

Combining these versatile designs, including Roman style, woven drapes, and sliding panels, will create a sophisticated ambiance and unforgettable dynamic for your guests. These creative solutions include bottom up/top down, corded, and motorized controls and a variety of room darkening privacy liners to suit your requirements. For that final touch, there is an extensive selection of valences and cornices to add an extraordinary dimension and beauty.

Roller shades, available in an expansive selection of fabrics, colours, and room darkening options enjoy ease of operation and are an affordable choice.

With a durable roller mechanism and style options including beaded trip and tassels, these blinds are a great choice for busy areas.

Roman shades offer sophistication with drapery style and an extensive palate of colours and fabrics.

They are also a stunning way to finish the look of your home. Available with programmable power options for that urban chic feel.

Have you considered an updated take on drapes?

Drapes can be a wonderful opportunity to create a timeless elegance with up- to-date fabrics and sculpted valances. Let our experts walk you through the stylish choices available today. Bold, modern fabrics crafted to perfection will give an enduring look and timeless style.

Ideal for the largest of windows or patio doors.

The right vertical blinds will put light and privacy in your control. With a sophisticated selection of materials and fabrics, you can create a captivating style that will become an elegant statement for every room.

Luminette Privacy Sheers

Vertical vanes set between two translucent sheers are ideal for large windows and sliding glass doors.

Luminette Modern Draperies

Soft rounded pleats in columns of fabric that give superior UV protection are a stunning backdrop for large windows and sliding glass doors. They are available in a wide selection of available colours and fabrics.

Silhouettes offer an ingenious design creating a sharp chic impression.

Vanes suspended between two sheers diffuse and soften light as it enters, allowing you a full range of privacy. Impeccable styling with a S-Vanes®, the Silhouette gives you maximum light control and ensures UV protection.

A creative take on Roman shades.

With sheer backing these horizontal vanes can be opened and closed even when fully lowered. Allows privacy and full light control for that perfect ambiance.

A clean crisp look. 

Available in translucent, semi-sheer, and room darkening fabrics with two styles and three fold sizes allows you to create a personalized look.